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Within the salon we offer three different types of hair treatment. Whether you’re busy and would like a quick conditioning treatment or you’ve got more time and would benefit from a little extra TLC, we have the treatment for you.


New Treatment Now Available: Botox for Hair

A non-invasive treatment for damaged hair. The hair conditioning treatment restores and repairs hair without a needle in sight. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Short hair: £15

Medium length hair: £20

Long hair: £25


Kebelo Smoothing Treatment

Kebelo smoothing treatment is new to our salon and is a treatment with an innovative carbocysteine technology. It fills out and strengthens damaged bonds deep inside the hair strand. This treatment leaves your hair smooth, manageable and frizz free. The results are amazing.

Price: From £99



Wonders of Wella

Add one of our Wella treats to your next hair appointment. All Wella treatments include a head massage and heat.


image2 (1)BRILLIANCE – for coloured treated hair

One of our most popular treatments for keeping your colour vibrant. Glam yourself up with diamond dust and see your hair shine.

Price: From £15


ENRICH – for dry, damaged hair

Indulge in this extremely moisturising treatment. Quench your hairs thirst and feel the difference.

Price: From £15


BALANCE – for sensitive scalps

Refresh your scalp with this invigorating mix of caffeine, bamboo and menthol to leave your hair feeling totally refreshed.

Price: From £15


RESIST – for mature hair

Resist the effects of time on your hair. A reviving treatment to bring the life back into your hair.

Price: From £15





 Neal and Wolf  Harmony Intensive Care Treatment


Harmony has been specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation.


The difference in texture and appearance is truly stunning, leaving hair shiny, healthy and manageable.

Price: £15