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Eyelash Extensions.


Long dark eyelashes not only emphasize the shape of the eye but also makes the eye look bigger, creating a beautiful captivating look. This treatment involves attaching synthetic eyelashes onto the natural lash. The end result is natural looking, fuller, longer beautiful eyelashes. The synthetic eyelashes bare a close resemblance to natural lashes and once attached, with the correct care can last several weeks until the eyelashes naturally fall out.

Full Set*

Price: £70

Top up (every 2-3 weeks)*

Price: £35

Party Flick*

Price: £40

Removal of Lashes

Price: £15



Eyelash Lift

A subtle and natural alternative to eyelash extensions, each lash is lifted from the root to give a natural curl for a flattering wide eyed look. An eyelash tint is also included in the treatment to eliminate the need for mascara, giving this treatment the lowest possible maintenance. The ideal treatment for a busy, fast paced lifestyle. Lasts up to 4-6 weeks.

Lash lift

Price: £48

Lash Lift with Eyebrow Shape OR Tint*

Price: £55

Lash Lift with Eyebrow Shape AND Tint*

Price: £63



Other Treatments


Eyelash Tint*

Price: £20

Eyebrow Tint*

Price: £15

Eyecare Package*

(Includes Eyebrow Shape, Eyebrow Tint and Eyelash Tint)

Price: £35


*Please note that any treatments including a tint or glue require a patch test 24 hours before the service is performed if you are a new client to us or haven’t had this treatment before.





Scientifically advanced serum with natural botanicals stimulate growth to create long, thick, healthy lashes and protects against breakage. Apply to the root of the last at home to maintain the results of our eye treatments.

Available to buy in salon

Price: £74